Michael Ayngorn Believes in people
Michael Ayngorn believes!
Michael Ayngorn still believes in humanity and in people. He thinks that people have a genuine desire to do great things and negative traits are simply circumstances that a person has been put into to make them rub society the wrong way. Michael Ayngorn believes that people can change if they have the opportunity to grow out of their circumstances and into a more fruitful life.

Michael Ayngorn believes in education
Michael Ayngorn believes that crimes of opportunity stem from a lack of education and a need to supply oneself with either the basic needs, or nefarious desires. Either way, give people a better education, and they have the skills they need to get what they want in this world. Deny them the education, and they will find various opportunities to get whatever it is that they need.

Michael Ayngorn Loves Helping People
How Michael Ayngorn Can Help
Michael Ayngorn loves to help people, especially those who help others. If you’re interested in learning about how Michael Ayngorn can help your organization, then leave a comment and Michael Ayngorn will get back with you.

Michael Ayngorn, Philanthropist, New York
Michael Ayngorn is a philanthropist in New York. Michael Ayngorn gives to numerous organizations that support causes that he believes in including: blindness, minority business entrepreneurship, and art causes.

Michael Ayngorn gives on different levels
Michael Ayngorn has organized his giving in by local, national, and international regions. Locally, Michael Ayngorn supports Urban ReThink and the Urban Think Foundation. Nationally, Michael Ayngorn supports the American Foundation for the Blind. Internationally, Michael Ayngorn supports female entrepreneurs in developing countries through Kiva.org

Michael Ayngorn saves the world
Ok, not quite, but Michael Ayngorn is doing whatever he can to help others succeed in an effort to maintain the positive direction his life is taking.